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En este post recrearé canciones que dieron lugar a nombres de grupos:

En primer lugar destacar la canción de Muddy Waters, Rollin´Stone (Catfish Blues). Ellos siempre demostraron una gran admiración por este músico y los viejos blueseros como Robert Johnson aquel que vendió su alma al diablo en un cruce de caminos. Dicen que el nombre del grupo lo dió Brian Jones en una conversación telefónica con un organizador de conciertos.

Well, I wish I was a catfish,
swimmin in a oh, deep, blue sea
I would have all you good lookin women,
fishin, fishin after me
Sure 'nough, a-after me
Sure 'nough, a-after me
Oh 'nough, oh 'nough, sure 'nough

I went to my baby's house,
and I sit down oh, on her steps.
She said, "Now, come on in now, Muddy
You know, my husband just now left
Sure 'nough, he just now left
Sure 'nough, he just now left"
Sure 'nough, oh well, oh well

Well, my mother told my father,
just before hmmm, I was born,
"I got a boy child's comin,
He's gonna be, he's gonna be a rollin stone,
Sure 'nough, he's a rollin stone
Sure 'nough, he's a rollin stone"
Oh well he's a, oh well he's a, oh well he's a

Well, I feel, yes I feel,
feel that a low down time ain't long
I'm gonna catch the first thing smokin,
back, back down the road I'm goin
Back down the road I'm goin
Back down the road I'm goin
Sure 'nough back, sure 'nough back

No confundir el origen del nombre del grupo con la canción de Dylan, Like a Rolling Stone:

A continuación damos el paso al grupo británico del Ska revival o Two Tone, Madness. Banda que nombró su conjunto con el título de una de las canciones más celebradas de uno de los pioneros del ska, el jamaicano Prince Buster. De el tomaron, aparte de esta canción otros clásicos que hicieron suyos como Enjoy Yourself y One Step Beyond.

Madness, madness
They call it madness
Madness, madness
They call it madness
It is plain to see
That is what they mean to me
Madness, madness
I call it gladness

Madness, madness
They call it madness
Madness, madness
They call it madness
I'm about to explain
That someone is losing his brain
Madness, madness
They call it gladness

Propaganda ministers
Propaganda ministers
I've got a heavy due
I'm gonna walk all over you

Madness, madness
I call it gladness
Well if this is madness
Man I know I'm filled with gladness
It's gonna be rougher
It's gonna be tougher
And I won't be the one who's gonna suffer
Oh no, I won't be the one who's gonna suffer
You are gonna be the one who's gonna suffer

Os pongo aquí otro video del grupo Madness, originaria de Prince Buster:

Ahora vamos con una banda estadounidense que sabiamente mezcló el punk con el hardcore y el reggae. Se trata de Bad Brain que tomo su nombre de la canción de los Ramones del mismo nombre:

I used to be an a student
i never used to complain
i used to be a truant
but i'm still the same
Bad bad brain
bad bad brain
I used to go to parties
i used to drink champagne
now i'm beginning to feel the strain
Bad bad brain
bad bad brain
I used to be in show biz
i used to have fortune and fame
i used to have pleasure and pain
i used to have a name
Bad bad brain
bad bad brain
Now i'm on the bowery
i can't remember my name
Bad bad brain
bad bad brain

Para terminar, nos encontramos con Judas Priest, uno de los grupos más influyentes de la invasión británica de heavy metal. Nada tenían que ver con los postulados pacifistas hippies, pero el origen de su nombre tiene raíz en una canción de Bob Dylan,The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest.

Well, Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
They were the best of friends
So when Frankie Lee needed more money one day
Judas quickly pulled out a roll of tens
And placed them on a footstool
Just above the plotted plain
Sayin', "Take your pick, Frankie Boy
My loss will be your gain".

Well, Frankie Lee, he sat right down
And put his fingers to his chin
But with the cold eyes of Judas on him
His head began to spin
"Would ya please not stare at me like that", he said
"It's just my foolish pride
But sometimes a man must be alone
And this is no place to hide".

Well, Judas he just winked and said
"All right, I'll leave you here
But you'd better hurry up and choose
Which of those bills you want
Before they all disappear"
"I'm gonna start my pickin' right now
Just tell me where you''ll be".

Judas pointed down the road
And said, "Eternity"
"Eternity ?" said Frankie Lee
With a voice as cold as ice
"That's right", said Judas Priest, "Eternity
Though you might call it Paradise"
"I don't call it anything"
Said Frankie Lee with a smile
"All right", said Judas Priest
"I'll see you after a while".

Well, Frankie Lee, he sat back down
Feelin' low and mean
When just then a passing stranger
Burst upon the scene
Saying, "Are you Frankie Lee, the gambler
Whose father is deceased ?
Well, if you are
There's a fellow callin' you down the road
And they say his name is Priest".
"Oh yes, he is my friend"
Said Frankie Lee in fright
"I do recall him very well
In fact, he just left my sight"
Yes, that's the one", said the stranger
As quit as a mouse.
"Well, my message is, he's down the road
Stranded in a house".

Well, Frankie Lee he panicked
He dropped ev'rythimg and ran
Until he came up to the spot
Where Judas Priest did stand
"What kind of a house is this", he said
"Where I have come to roam ?"
"It's not a house", said Judas Priest
"It's not a house, it's a home".

Well, Frankie Lee he trembled
He soon lost all control
Over ev'rything which he had made
While the mission bells did toll
He just stood there starring
At that big house as bright as any sun
With four and twenty windows
And a woman's face in ev'ry one.

Well, up the stairs ran Frankie Lee
With a soulful bounding leap
And foaming at the mouth
He began to make his midnight creep
For sixteen nights and days he raved
But on the seventeenth he burst
Into the arms of Judas Priest
Which is where he died of thirst.

No one tried to say a thing
When they carried him out in jest
Except of course, the little neighbor boy
Who carried him to rest
And he just walked along alone
Whit his guilt so well concealed
And muttered underneath his breath
"Nothing is revealed".
Well, the moral of the story
The moral of the song
Is simply that one should never be
Where ones does not belong
So when you see your neighbor carryin' somethin'
Help him with his load
And don't go mistaking Paradise
For that home across the road.

Vídeo sin desperdicio, o como vestir de tachuelas a los protagonistas de Perros Callejeros:

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